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At the Old No. 8 Designery, brands are carefully brewed, and hand crafted to perfection.


Unique solutions...

discovered through a fluid, open process.


Fueled to Create.

We are driven by a passion for creativity and expression.


With finesse...

we influence and flavor consumer perception.



We're confident the fruits of our labor will
meet your needs and delight your palette.


Luckybomb! is a small design firm in Western Montana that is PASSIONATELY DEDICATED to effective brand marketing.

Strategic Planning

You know you need to advertise, but “where do you start, or should you continue what you’re doing?” Let’s get an update on what is working today and make a plan. Let us help you spend your marketing money in the most effective avenues to meet your business goals.

Graphic Design

We believe a large portion of your brand (or public perception) is how you look, so Luckybomb! offers logo and trademark development as well as professional design and layout for all our products. With art school educated designers and decades of experience, we combine high creativity with market functionality.

Print Services

We design it, print it and deliver right to your doorstep. Luckybomb! offers a wide variety of supreme quality, full color print materials at incredibly affordable prices. Booklets, multi-page brochures, indoor/outdoor signs, promotional products and much more. Just ask, we can get it done.

Website Development

Does your business need to be online but you don’t know where to start? We build websites to highlight your brand and function as an information hub to the online world. We connect you with the people that are looking for you.

Email Marketing

Do you need a low cost way to reach your entire customer base with events and promotions quickly? Use targeted email campaigns to contact your customers for that repeat connection and sale.

Affordable Payment Options

We understand you’ve been working hard to build your business! To help clients who need to get started marketing now but haven’t planned ahead for additional expenses, we offer interest free, monthly payment plans.

Luckybomb! took the time to understand our business and provided awesome finished products! Joel took the time to understand our business and continues to be very instrumental in building the Eclipse Engineering brand!

Jesse Fortune / Eclipse Engineering, CEO

Luckybomb! is an extremely talented design firm. Joel and Scott have taken my small business to the next level in a relatively short amount of time. I have had so many compliments on every marketing piece that they have produced for me. As a small business owner operator, I’ve learned that you can’t do it all by yourself, and when working with Luckybomb! I know the job will get done right and fast.

Jason Larson / Owner, Operator - 4j spraying

Joel’s enthusiasm and professionalism have been a pleasure to work with and he is constantly exceeding my expectations on everything that is asked of him.

John McNeece / Youth Paster - Florence-Carlton Community Church

Being a bit arrogant, I thought I could learn how to develop my own website since I have a degree in art and have taught art for over 30 years. But I discovered that what takes me hours and hours, Joel can do in moments. He is an artist and can easily control and express even the simplest ideas in awesome ways that I could have never dreamed. His concepts and control of color, space and composition and the special effects he has at his fingertips allow him to develop unusually artistic pages. I have learned that it is better for me to do my work as I produce and market my product and allow Luckybomb! to do the branding and web design.

Frank Hines / Rock Ridge Artworks

 Through creative design and strategic planning, we assist our clients in growing their business.